Friday, May 8, 2015

An Extraordinary Day!

I will come on you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you. (Rev. 3:3) 

Most of our days begin rather predictably. Day after day, for the most part, we could enter into our diary the same three words: "No big deal." Days  don't begin with divine skywriting. . . . Angelic choirs don't waken us with celestial harmony, blending their voices in the "Hallelujah Chorus." . . . However, days that begin uneventfully can also lead into an unbelievable, indescribable series of heart-stopping experiences. Ordinary days, in fact, can become extraordinary. . . . 

How about the day Jesus arrived? There wasn't one citizen in Judea who awoke that morning expecting the day to bring such a life-changing event in the village of Bethlehem. . . . 

And what about the day. . . of Christ's return? . . . Homemakers will be shopping. Planes will be taking off and landing. . . . Then, suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye, Christ will split the sky, and God's great plan for the future will suddenly take center stage. It could be tomorrow. It could be today! 

Esther: A Woman of Strength and Dignity  

My dear friends, an extraordinary day is quickly approaching us. The signs of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ are all around us. All we need to do is to stay informed about what happens in the Middle East as well as other parts of the world in regards to some of the major players that will be playing a role in the last days. 

Jesus is coming soon my friends! Like a thief in the night, Jesus will show up unannounced and with world at large caught off guard. We are living in an era that points to the imminent return of Jesus Christ. Are you ready to be taken by Jesus when He comes in all His glory and ready to execute judgement? For those of us who are alive in Christ right now and those who have already passed away in the Lord, the Second Coming of the Lord will indeed be an extraordinary day for us. What about those who are not in Christ? What about those who have yet to accept Christ as our Lord and Savior? Many people perish daily for a variety of different reasons. You must ask yourself, my Christian friend, if you are doing what the Word of God has already been telling us for over 2,500 years. Want to know what that message is? The message is quite simple. To go into the world and bring the Good News (Gospel of Jesus Christ) to the four corners of the world. 

The four corners of the world will vary from one person to the next. God has blessed me with literally getting out the message of faith, hope, and love to virtually every single nation in the world, including those nations that will play a major role in end time events. All of us as Christians have a responsibility before the Lord to carry out the Great Commission and win as many souls for Christ as possible before Jesus comes again. The unfortunate reality for many is that Jesus' Second Coming will not be an extraordinary day for them. NOW is your chance to make the most of your opportunity to accept Christ as Lord and Savior of your life. Don't wait until tomorrow to do it. Tomorrow may be too late and will wind up being left behind along with billions of other people. Is it really worth taking the risk to continue to live your life like God does not exist and that Jesus will never be coming back? For anyone reading this post, if you are in Christ, then you have nothing to worry about and I strongly encourage you to share this post with anyone that you that is not in Christ. There are many others like myself that are getting the message out of Jesus' imminent return. Jesus is coming back soon my friends! Are you ready? If so, then it will be an extraordinary day for you. If not, NOW is your time to find someone (known or unknown) and find the opportunity to have faith in Jesus Christ. 

Thank you so much for reading this far my friends! May God continue to bless you and keep you in Jesus' mighty name! JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I!!!!. . . . :-).