Monday, February 9, 2015

Joy Throughout Our Days!

But if a man lives many years, and rejoices in them all. (Eccl. 11:8) 

Happiness is for today. Joy is available now. We are not to put it on hold. Happiness isn't something that will secretly open up to us when we turn fifty-five, or when we reach some goal or find the right marriage partner. Happiness is for now. It is inseparably linked to the living Lord. 

A catechism in the Presbyterian church begins with the question, "What is the chief end of man?" The answer to that question is familiar to many: "The chief end of man is to love God and enjoy Him forever." Not just serve Him, not just obey Him, not just sacrifice to Him, not simply commit ourselves to Him, but enjoy Him---"laugh through life with Him." Smile in His presence. So much more is included in enjoying Him forever than most would ever believe. . . . 

Happiness is to pervade all the years of our life. We don't have to wait until we reach some magical age when we are allowed to crack open the door and slip silently into the realm of happiness. It's there for us to enjoy throughout our days. 

Living on the Ragged Edge 

Hello friend, have you experienced joy today? 

Depending on where you live, that may be an easy or hard question to answer. Your day may just be starting when you read the words of this post. Your day may also be coming to a close and may be able to answer that question without hesitation. Regardless of where we live or what our circumstances look like, as Christians, we need to walk in joy throughout our days. 

Even though happiness and joy go hand in hand with one another, they are quite different because they are dependent on different factors. Happiness is dependent on the external whereas joy is dependent upon the internal. Is it possible for us to experience joy without being happy? Yes. Is it possible for us to experience happiness without joy? No. Huh? How is that possible? How can that be? Why would that be? There are these and millions of other questions that can be asked. In a nutshell, it works that way because happiness is a byproduct of the joy we have in our hearts. Joy, on the other hand, doesn't depend nor need external circumstances to be just right to experience it. The circumstances and the environment we live in can be at its most chaotic right now, but because our joy is in the Lord, our joy will last throughout our days. Isn't that a beautiful and comforting thought friends? It is to me. . . . :-). 

Thank you so much for reading this far my friends! May God continue to bless you and keep you in Jesus' mighty name! JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I!!!!. . . . :-).