Friday, January 30, 2015

Choose Your Attitude!

He that trusts in his own heart is a fool: but whosoever walks wisely, he shall be delivered. (Prov. 28:26) 

This may shock you, but I believe the single most significant decision I can make on a day-to-day basis is my choice of attitude. It is more important than my past, my education, my bankroll, my successes or failures, fame or pain, what other people think of me or say about me, my circumstances, or my position. Attitude . . . keeps me going or cripples my progress. It alone fuels my fire or assaults my hope. When my attitudes are right, there's no barrier too high, no valley too deep, no dream too extreme, no challenge too great for me. 

Yet, we must admit that we spend more of our time concentrating and fretting over the things that can't be changed in life than we do giving attention to the one thing that can, our choice of attitude. 

Strengthening Your Grip 

Attitude is everything. 

Our attitude will speak volumes. Our attitude will influence others around us. Our attitudes will reveal a lot about ourselves and who we are in Christ. My dear friend, what kind of attitude do you have at the reading of this post? 

Is your attitude a godly one? Is your attitude pleasing God and bringing glory to His name? My hope and prayer is that the attitude you have is a godly one. Why? Because I would be more than happy to hang out with you and enjoy godly fellowship with you. See how that works? 

Thank you so much for reading this far my friends! May God continue to bless you and keep you in Jesus' mighty name! JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I!!!!. . . . :-).