Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Storehouse Of Promises!

For when God made a promise. . . Saying, Surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you. (Heb. 6:13-14) 

God's Book is a veritable storehouse of promises---over seven thousand of them. Not empty hopes and dreams, not just nice-sounding, eloquently worded thoughts that make you feel warm all over, but promises. Verbal guarantees in writing, signed by the Creator Himself, in which He declares He will do or will refrain from doing specific things.

In a world of liars, cheats, deceivers, and con artists, isn't it a relief to know there is Someone you can trust? If He said it, you can count on it. Unlike the rhetoric of politicians who promise anybody anything they want to hear to get elected, what God says, God does. 

The Finishing Touch 

Aren't you tired of hearing all the empty promises that come out of the mouths of the societies we live in? I know I am! 

With so many broken promises that continue to go unfulfilled, how can we find anyone whose promises will be sure-footed and solid. Promises that won't be empty, but full of substance. Promises, when hope and faith is applied, will not only be pleasing to our senses, but fulfill the purpose of why God has placed us on this planet. 

As Christians, God has given us wonderful promises in His Word to serve as constant reminders of His love and faithfulness. His Word is the "storehouse" of promises mentioned in the title of this post. Have you ever walked into a store, check out a small section of the store, then just walk out? I would hope not! There is so much more to that store than just the small section you took the time to check out. 

Our approach to God and His Word should be no different. What good would it do to you if you only took the time to read and memorize a few promises and not take the time to fully explore ALL 700 and more of His promises for your life and the lives of all your friends, family, and loved ones? It wouldn't do any of us any good. 

My dear friends, we must stand firm in our hope that God will fulfill His promise for your life because He can and further reinforce that by standing firm in our faith that God will fulfill those exact promises for your life because He will. All that is needed is the hope and the faith of a mustard seed to see those promises come alive in our lives not only providing us hope during the days we live here on earth and our eternal expectations in the afterlife to come. Be encouraged my friend! God's promises will shape the landscape of your entire life and the lives of those around you!

God bless you my friends and thank you so much for reading this far! May God continue to lead you and guide you into the way everlasting in Jesus' mighty name! JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I!!!!. . . . :-).