Sunday, May 11, 2014

Stand Tall, Stand Firm!

Your God has commanded your strength. (Psalm 68:28) 

Today there are those who stand alone in the gap, those who still strive to shake us awake. A handful of brave students of Columbine High School come immediately to mind. Loaded guns and the threat of death couldn't silence them. I think of them of modern-day [prophets], whom God uses to deliver a life-changing message. Men and women of courage, ready to stand and deliver. Authentic heroes. . . . 

Our Lord is still searching for people who will make a difference. Christians dare not be mediocre. We dare not dissolve into the background or blend into the neutral scenery of this world. . . . 

In our culture---our schools, our offices and factories, our lunchrooms and boardrooms, our halls of ivy and our halls of justice---we need men and women of God, young people of God. We need respected professionals, athletes, homemakers, teachers, public figures, and private citizens who will promote the things of God, who will stand alone---stand tall, stand firm, stand strong! 

Elijah: A Man of Heroism & Humility 

Adversity is a fact of life. Adversity can either creep up on you slowly or it can come into your life with no notice at all. Adversity can either make you or break you. No matter what your background is like, adversity will mold your character like very few life events will. Is there upside to adversity? Most definitely! 

Finding upside in adversity is a matter of perspective. What it boils down to is who's perspective we are able to gain and learn from during that time of adversity. Walking through adversity on our limited perspective will not only be frustrating, but discouraging and potentially disillusioning. It is during times of adversity when the words "Stand Tall, Stand Firm" becomes real in our lives. Adversity is like a hurricane. It can batter us and beat us into submission. As Christians, we are like that palm tree that bends and sways in the storm of adversity. 

The most remarkable thing about palm trees is that in order for them to "stand tall, stand firm", their roots have to dig as deep as possible into bedrock. As Christians, our "roots" have to be deeply rooted in Christ. Jesus is the bedrock that enables us to be able to "stand tall, stand firm" in the face of a hurricane called adversity. My dear friends, we must "stand tall, stand firm" in Christ regardless of the type of adversity we experience. Only in Him can we "stand tall, stand firm". 

Thank you so much for reading this far my friends! May God continue to bless you and keep you in Jesus' mighty name! JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I!!! . . . . :-).