Friday, November 8, 2013

Armor Of God!

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (Eph. 6:11) 

Satan is an adversary that we can never take for granted. In order for us to be able to stand our ground and stand firm against the enemy of our souls, we must really get to know the armor that God has provided to us. So let's get started!

My dear friends! The reality of spiritual warfare is all around us. Spiritual warfare has costed millions of lives throughout human history. The spiritual warfare began in the Garden of Eden when Eve was tempted by Satan in the form of a serpent. The spiritual warfare continued throughout the rest of human history in various forms from the first martyr Stephen to global persecution of Christians all around the globe today.

Spiritual warfare has a million different faces. It can range from outright diabolical to as incredibly subtle as simply being indifferent about what is happening in the world around us. Spiritual warfare can happen in our churches, at home, even in our workplaces. It happens everywhere. Even though the reality that Satan is capable of intruding in the affairs wherever human beings interact at work and at home is definitely a concern. The most often overlooked place where spiritual warfare is most pertinent is in our churches. 

Throughout my entire childhood, I had grown up being taught that the safest place for us to be is in our churches because everyone is a Christian and truly loves the Lord and the people they fellowship with. It was not until my teenage/young adults years that I began to realize the erroneous way of thinking of so many people that obviously meant well, but were also gullible, naive, and in denial that Satan and his demons also move in the midst of a lukewarm church. The even crazier reality is that Satan only needs one church in the community that is spiritually corrupted to the core to eventually negatively impact the rest of the community.

I happen to live in Vineland,NJ. It was in Vineland,NJ that a city-wide revival broke out in the late 1800's. Thousands upon thousands of people from all over the region and potentially the country came to Vineland,NJ to experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and lives transformed in Landis Park. Today, we will be lucky to be able to get a few hundred people to show up to similar events at the same park. Evidently, the mode of transportation in the late 1800's was basically horse and buggy, while most walked, and those who were wealthy enough to have a car, drove to the event. The spiritual climate of those years in contrast to the spiritual climate of today has to really sadden God in such a manner that He is consistently knocking on the hearts of those individuals who truly have a heart for evangelism and win souls for Christ in Spirit and in Truth.  

My dear friends, the corruption of biblical values and principals is not only isolated in Vineland, NJ, but in the entire world, especially those parts of the world that have all the modern conveniences that God has blessed us with today. I must admit friends, there have been numerous occasions where I have thought about falling away from the faith. There was only moment in my life when I turned my back on Christ to engage and participate in Freemasonry. God has had His hand upon me the entire time and as a result delivered me from the hands of the enemy. 

Be encouraged my friends! No matter what kind of attack you face and where you confront that attack, God is by your side and will be there for you every step of the way. Always keep in mind the importance of have your ENTIRE armor well kept and properly prepared to not only confront Satan and his minions, but to experience victory at the end of the war.   

Thank you so much for reading this far my friends! May God continue to bless you and keep you in Jesus' mighty name! JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I!!!...:-)