Wednesday, June 5, 2013


He that is void of wisdom despises his neighbor: but a man of understanding holds his peace. (Prov. 11:12) 


This is one subject of discussion that we will never outgrow during our time here on Earth. There are so many avenues to acquire wisdom, our ability to acquire godly wisdom could easily be detracted. Humanistic philosophies abound all around us. 

How do we separate the godly from the humanistic? 

To separate the godly from the humanistic would be almost impossible because Jesus (being God) was also a human being. From this perspective, I will totally understand that it is humanistically "impossible" to separate both. But...

Jesus being 100% God and 100% Man was still able to separate the humanistic from the godly. How? Easily. The Bible tells us to love God first and then love your neighbor as you love yourself. Right? During Jesus' ministry, Jesus didn't have to depend on the quotes of the humanistic philosophers of His time to carry out God's agenda for humanity. Jesus' "well of wisdom" came directly from God the Father and the Holy Spirit. As a result, every single one of His words have been given to us through the inspired Word of God (Bible). 

As Christians. As lovers and followers of Jesus Christ. We can also do the same. Given how many influential people there are in our midsts, we MUST make an incredibly strong effort to be influenced by our Heavenly Father and directed by the Holy Spirit to apply the godly wisdom that will be found in the Bible. I will be the first to admit it. Right here. Right now. Given our human tendencies, it's a whole lot easier said than done. Agreed? 

Learning to not only acquire, but practice godly wisdom is not an easy endeavor. But it can be done. I honestly believe that one of the best ways to acquire godly wisdom is through the experiences we have in our daily living. Regardless of the experiences, good or bad, nuggets of wisdom can be found and treasured. Don't hesitate to go to God in prayer asking for wisdom. 

King Solomon, the wealthiest human being during the biblical times had all the material possessions we could only dream of. Yet, his single greatest request to God is to be given wisdom. As a result of that request, King Solomon became Israel's greatest King (King David is a VERY CLOSE second). In each instance, God chose to use imperfect humans and endow them with godly wisdom to chart the course of Israel's history. In other words...

GODLY WISDOM...not humanistic wisdom is the key to excellence in every single area of our lives.

Can we achieve a degree of influence using humanistic philosophies? Of course we can! But, in the grand scheme of things, only greater influence can be achieved through godly wisdom. Here's a "nugget of GODLY wisdom" for all my friends:

But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matt 6:33)

My dear friends. My hope and prayer is that you will allow God to endow you with godly wisdom. Humanistic wisdom has its proper place in our lives, but that should not be at the forefront our our thoughts and words (spoken and/or written). Humanistic wisdom can only get us so far. It's temporal. Not eternal. 

Thank you all very much for reading this far my friends! May God continue to bless you and keep you as you seek His face and His wisdom in everything you do unto Him. Jesus loves you and so do I!!!...:-) 

Enjoy in Jesus' precious name!!!...:-D