Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Humility and Holiness!

Who say, Stand by yourself, come not near to me; for I am holier than you. (Is. 65:5) 

We speak of the Holiness movement in our times, and praise God for it. We hear a great deal of seekers after holiness and professors of holiness, of holiness teaching and holiness meetings. The blessed truths of holiness in Christ, and holiness by faith, are being emphasized as never before. The great test of whether the holiness we profess to seek or to attain, is truth and life, will be whether it be manifest in the increasing humility it produces. In the creature, humility is the one thing needed to allow God's holiness to dwell in him and shine through him. In Jesus, the Holy One of God who makes us holy, a divine humility was the secret of His life and His death and His exaltation; the one infallible test of our holiness will be the humility before God and men which marks us. Humility is the bloom and the beauty of holiness.

The chief mark of counterfeit holiness is its lack of humility. Every seeker after holiness needs to be on guard, lest unconsciously what was begun in the spirit be perfected in the flesh, and pride creep in where it's presence is least expected. Two men went up in the temple to pray: the one a Pharisee, the other a publican. There is no place or position so sacred but the Pharisee can enter there. Pride can lift its head into the very temple of God, and make His worship the scene of its self-exaltation. Since the time Christ so exposed his pride, the Pharisee has put on the garb of the publican, and the confessor of deep sinfulness equally with the professor of the highest holiness, must be on the watch. Just when we are most anxious to have our heart the temple of God, we shall find the two men coming up to pray. And the publican will find that his danger is not from the Pharisee beside him, who despises him, but the Pharisee within who commends and exalts. In God's temple, when we think we are in the holiest of all, in the presence of His holiness, let us beware of pride. "Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them." 

Here's a fascinating question...

Is there not many a Church or assembly of the saints, many a mission or convention, many a society or committee, even many a mission away in heathendom, where the harmony has been disturbed and the work of God hindered, because men who are counted saints have proved in touchiness and haste and impatience, in self-defense and self-assertion, in sharp judgments and unkind words, that they did not each reckon others better than themselves, and that their holiness has but little in it of the meekness of the saints?

My dear friends, humility and holiness are non-negotiable and cannot be compromised under any circumstances no matter where we work and play. I want to challenge myself and every single one of my readers to live out our lives with a very powerful spirit of humility so that the light of Jesus Christ will shine into the lives of everyone around us and essentially disable any excuses of bringing those in the darkness into the family of God. I also request of each and every single one of you to take a private moment to rebuke that spirit of pride that is capable of corrupting and destroying our families and ministries and churches. Amen? Good!...:-)

Thank you so much my amazing friends for reading this far! May God continue to bless you and keep you as you continue to walk in humility and holiness! JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I!!!...:-)