Wednesday, April 10, 2013


For we have not followed cunningly devised myths, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty. (2 Pet. 1:16)

I must admit. This will probably be one of the most difficult posts to write. It will be difficult to write because it would be very difficult to describe God's majesty with our finite minds. Quite frankly, the best we could do in describing God's majesty or any of His other character attributes would be the word "awesome".

Ha! Not even the word "awesome" could even begin to scratch the surface of God's majesty. Jesus Christ comes to mind when describing God's majesty because those of us who were around to physically see Jesus could often describe the miracles performed during His ministry here on Earth as majestic. The resurrection of Lazarus is something that can be easily described as majestic.

Even before Jesus was brought to our world in human form, God Himself did miraculous acts on behalf of the nation of Israel. Everything from delivering them from the hands of the Egyptians to the parting of the Red Sea can be seen as majestic. God's majesty encompasses all of us today. Think about it!

The many things that we may take for granted such as being able to wake up in the morning and experience a whole new day can be seen as majestic. To be able to experience God's presence and peace in our lives in spite of whatever struggles we may have at the moment can also be seen as majestic. God's majesty can also been seen in the changing of the seasons. God's majesty can also be seen in the beauty of nature. God's majesty can also be seen in people like you and me.

Is our God an "awesome" God? Yes! He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power, and love! Our God IS indeed an awesome and majestic God! My dear friends, let us celebrate together God's majestic presence and love in our lives. He is indeed worthy of all the praise, all the glory, and all the honor. Yes, this majestic God loves you so much and truly cares about you more than you will ever know.

Thanks again for reading and sharing Christian Living with your friends and loved ones my friends! It's all about Jesus and He is so worth it! May God continue to bless you and keep you all in Jesus' mighty name my friends! Jesus loves you and so do I!!!...:-). Without further delay, I want to bring to all of you Majesty by Planetshakers. Here's the lyrics below...ENJOY!!!...:-D.


[Verse 1]
Rising, I feel my heart sing,
His praises, our Lord and King,
The wonder, the majesty,
Welcome, the King of glory in,

Every tribe and tongue,
Every land will sing your praise,
Till the end of time, we'll sing,

All majesty, to the God of creation,
All majesty, God of all generations,
This anthem we sing, to the God of all nations,
All majesty, we sing,