Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fill Me Now!

                                            Quench not the Spirit. (1 Thessalonians 5:19)

Fill me now Lord...fill me now!

Those should be the words of every single Christian around the world. In John 14:15-31, Jesus promised His disciples that He will give them a Counselor, that He may be with you forever---the Spirit of Truth. Without elaborating in the details contained in the above portion of Scripture, Jesus is making a reference to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is enveloped in "mystery" since the majority of humanity has yet to get a total and complete understanding of Who the Holy Spirit is. Given the complexity of this topic, I definitely want to keep this short and sweet. In a nutshell, the Holy Spirit is the third Person in the Holy Trinity that is currently present in every single believer. The Holy Spirit is the One Who provides us with the guidance, protection, and revelation during key moments of our lives.

When the Holy Spirit is abiding within us, there is far more to His presence than just the occasional goose bumps. The Holy Spirit will intercede on our behalf in prayer when we don't know how to pray. He will also convict us of any wrongdoing to anyone that we have wronged. He comforts us. He assures us. He instills boldness in us when faced with adversity. There are countless things that He can do for us.

The Holy Spirit is not limited to geographical boundaries. Even though Jesus is God, due to His physical nature, there were limitations. That is how we get the term 100% God...100%Man. I have known of numerous instances where the Holy Spirit directed me to post something on Facebook that will make an eternal impact in the life of someone else. As a result, that other person responds that it was an answered prayer.

The Holy Spirit is also known as the Spirit of Truth. As long as we walk in the truth of God's Word in our lives and we reflect those truths in our everyday living, the Holy Spirit will continue to demonstrate His power over our lives and the lives of those that we end up crossing paths with. The Holy Spirit can use us to minister to the lives of people anywhere around the world regardless of cultural differences. I'm extremely confident in the Lord that the Holy Spirit ministers to people through the music videos and words contained in every single blog post.

It is because of the Holy Spirit, not just modern technology, that I can reach out and touch all of you as I pray for all of you as the Holy Spirit counsels me and intercedes on my behalf so that everyone that reads these words are ministered in a very special and unique way that is exclusively tailored to the unique situation that you may be facing. There is so much more that can be elaborated on in regards to the Person of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit's role in your life is as simple as making the request at the beginning of this post:

"Fill me Lord...fill me now!"

I encourage you to open your day with those words and watch how the Holy Spirit will demonstrate His power through your life. It is because of my passion for Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in my life that I can consistently provide the best possible content God has enabled me in spite of the reality of the medical condition Essential Tremors. It is by God's grace, mercy, and love for me and all of you that Christian Living is able to make it to the computers and mobile devices to people all around the world.

Thanks again for reading this far my awesome friends! May God continue to bless you and keep you in Jesus' mighty name! Jesus loves you and so do I!!!...:-). Without further ado, I want to bring to all of you Fill Me Now by Planetshakers. Here's the lyrics below...ENJOY!!!!...:-D.

P.S. - Help me pray for a radical financial and physical breakthrough friends! It will be greatly appreciated!...:-)


I think about You everyday
Thankful that You've washed my sins away
Knowing that it's love that brought me to Your side

I feel Your Spirit in my heart
Drawing me so ever close to You
Longing for the touch of You upon my life

All I know it's not by might or by my power
But it's by the Spirit of the Lord

Fill me now Holy One
Fill me to overflowing
Touch me now Worthy One
Your Power keeps me going
Breathe on me breath of life
I need You to fill me over
Come and breathe on me