Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Never Give Up!

                                        For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37

Have you ever been confronted with an IMPOSSIBLE situation? I know I have and still do to this day. In spite of the harsh reality that will occasionally come into our lives, THERE IS HOPE FRIENDS! With that said my friends, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE each and every single one of you confront whatever difficult circumstances may come your way no matter how insurmountable or impossible it may appear! NEVER GIVE UP...DON'T EVER GIVE UP FRIENDS! Jesus loves you and so do I! With that said, and without any further delay, I want to introduce to you Never Give Up by Yolanda Adams. Here's the lyrics! Enjoy and GOD BLESS YOU!


1- Visions that can change the world
Trapped inside an ordinary girl
She looks just like me
Too afraid to dream out loud
And though it's set for your idea
It won't make sense to everybody
You need courage now
If you're going to persevere
V- To fulfill your life's purpose
You gotta answer when you're called
So don't be afraid to face the world
Against all odds
C- Keep the dream alive, don't let it die
If something deep inside
Keeps inspiring you to try, don't stop
And never give up
Don't ever give up on you
Don't give up...
2- Every victory comes in time
Work today to change tomorrow
It gets easier, who's to say that you can't fly
Every step you take, you get
Closer to your destination
You can feel it now
Don't you know you're alomost there
CHORUS..don't ever give up on you..
B- Sometimes life can place a stubborn block in your way
But you've gotta keep the faith
Reap what's deep inside your heart to fly
And never give up, don't ever give up on you
Don't give up
3- Who holds the pieces to complete the puzzle?
The answer that can solve the mystery, yeah..
The keys that can unlock your understanding
It's all inside of you
You have everything you
CHORUS the light...
And never give up
Don't ever give up on you, no....
Don't give up
No, no, no, no
Don't give up
Don't give up
Don't give up
Oh, don't, no, no, no, no
Don't give up...