Thursday, October 4, 2012

Living in Christ...part 3

God bless you everyone! This past Tuesday, I touched face with all of you about my role as your personal cheerleader to encourage, inspire, motivate, and on occasion, challenge you to live YOUR life to the fullest with faith,hope, love, and the assurance that God will take care of you and all your loved ones.  I also finished Part 2 with how my personal life developed during my childhood, adolescent, and teenage years. During my teenage years, more specifically during my Junior year (11th grade), I was confronted with a major temptation. It wasn't the type of temptation that involved any of the problems that my friends had gone through, but it was both spiritual and material in nature. I was formally introduced to Freemasonry when some of my childhood friends introduced me to the Order of Demolay. The Order of Demolay was a fraternity for young men ages 17-24. You were either a  high school junior or senior. I just happen to be 18 years old when I was asked to join this fraternity. I was excited about the opportunity, so I joined.

With it, came all the notoriety and recognition that would usually be reserved for someone that received a Rhodes Scholarship. Speaking of potentially becoming a Rhodes Scholar, the grandmaster counselor, who happens to be from the Philippines, introduced me to an educational concept that is usually foreign to the average everyday student. He brought to my attention the opportunity to be able to study anywhere around the world for free with one condition. The condition was that I studied Universalism and apply the concepts of Universalism in every facet of my life, especially the religious aspect. He also told me that he would work "something" out to try to make life for me and my family as "comfortable" as possible.

Promises of material possessions abound! At first I was bewildered at the whole opportunity in front of me. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on the finest education money had to offer? At first, I was "licking at the bit" (excited) and ready to accept the offer, but that's when God decided to supernaturally get involved in my life in such a manner, that I made a radical decision that will affect the rest of my life. In the Spirit, I told the grandmaster counselor that I have everything that I need and was happy with what I have and where I am going. He looked at me with a look of bewilderment and didn't quite understand why I spoke with a calm demeanor. Little did I know that God was actively involved in the whole conversation for me to be able to come to the conclusion that I made.

I felt a huge burden lifted off  my back and in my heart. When I walked away from the encounter with the grandmaster counselor, some of my childhood friends noticed a glow in my face and a smile that was out of this world! They asked me how the meeting went with the grandmaster counselor and I told them that I already have everything that I needed and that I have turned down all the offers made. They thought that I was crazy, but I knew better. More importantly, God knows better! By the way, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, December 16, 1990. It was after I made the decision to turn my back on Freemasonry and the Order of Demolay that God decided to use that experience and take it to the airwaves (radio programs) to testify and share only 20 minutes of that experience. It was less than a week later that Freemasonry started advertising on our local newspaper to encourage more young people to join them.

I kept hitting the radio stations to discourage young people (Christians and non-Christians alike) from joining them. Wow! In a nutshell, let's just say that God was pleased with the effort to fight against Freemasonry and the deception that has been made on so many believers and non-believers alike. Throughout the remainder of my Junior year (11th grade) and Senior year (12th grade) I have been witnessing the love of Jesus Christ to as many high schoolers as possible during that last year and a half I was in high school. There has been no doubt that God has guided me and directed me to be in position to make a difference in the lives of every single individual young and old alike. I will close Part 3 with a friendly reminder that God does care about every single detail of your life, big and small. It makes no difference to Him. In the same way He has freed me from the hands of Freemasonry, He will also deliver you from any situation you find yourself in right now as you read this blog post. Part 4 will summarize my adult life and will most likely be the shortest post compared to this one.

I look forward to sharing more great material to continue to inspire you in a way that you could never imagine. Here's another question for you! God bless you friends!

With everything I have been able to share with you to this point, are you convinced that God is so real that He will help you with anything your heart desires?