Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Living in Christ...part 2

Hello again! I began blogging this past Sunday, September 30 about the reasons why I created this blog and what I hope to accomplish. Even though I have just begun, I'm grateful to the Lord first and foremost and for all of you that have taken a few minutes of your time to see the blog and the comments that have been made on my first post. There is no doubt in my heart and in my mind that God will continue to bring more exposure to this site and the posts that are made in the days, weeks,  months, and hopefully years ahead. With that said, my hope, prayer, and aim is to make this site and blog posts as inspirational, motivating, and on occasion, even challenging as possible. In a round about way, I am officially your personal cheerleader!...:-). Now's time to begin sharing my testimony so that you will get to know me better and how I came to be who I am in Christ.

Christian living began when I was born on a snowy, winter morning on December 18, 1973. God brought me into this world in the early hours of the morning during a major snowstorm that dumped approximately 3-4 feet of snow. Now that's what I call a winter baby! The winters during my infant years were especially hard unlike the kind of winters we get now. It didn't take long as I was growing up during my childhood that I was brought into this world without an earthly (biological) father. Even though I was a little too young at the time to fully understand it all, I just simply lived out my childhood the way any normal child would live out their life. My childhood overall has been rather normal with some of its growing pains and joys, especially around Christmas time.

The years went by, then came the adolescent and teenage years. These years have been one of the most challenging years of my entire life. These were the years when I finally knew right from wrong, my learning curve was challenged due to a learning disability until I was in 6th grade. I was about 13 years old when I made the transition from special ed classes to mainstream (regular) classes. My teenage years were not getting any easier for me as I was hanging around the wrong people while I'm at school and making bad decisions as most teenagers would make during the middle school years. Thank God, I never got involved in anything related to drugs, drinking alcoholic beverages or get involved in any promiscuous sex even though there were plenty of other people that were involved in those activities. Little did I know that God's hand has been upon me during that entire time even though I have never given my heart to Jesus up to that point. I will elaborate more on this testimony in part 3 of Living in Christ where I will share with you the rest of of the story of what happened during my informative years. My hope and prayer is that today's post will bring me closer to you in how we are able to relate during the early years of our lives and how God's hand has continuously protected and guided us during those difficult times. Here's another thought-provoking question for you! Feel free to leave a comment as God lays on your heart to do so! Thanks for reading!...:-). God bless you!!!

Knowing very well that God is real, how did you see His hand move over your life during your childhood, adolescent, and teenage years?