Friday, October 12, 2012

Jesus in Disguise

God bless you everyone! This is the third in a series of music videos where we will have the chance to get to know more about God. In the first installment, we talked about how God is "Glorious". In the second installment, we talked about God being "Perfect Love". In this latest installment, I want to bring home the message that God has also been among us. God has been among us in the form of Jesus Christ. Anyone that already knows the story of Jesus knows that He was born a virgin-birth. He grew up over the years and eventually went into evangelistic ministry preaching the Gospel to the four corners of the world. Jesus was also doing miracles, eventually betrayed by one of His disciples, was crucified, buried, and has risen on the third day to the right hand of His Father in Heaven. In a nutshell, that was the story of Jesus.

In light of the story of Jesus Christ, all of us in this day and age can relate to Him and how His suffering and victories are very relevant to us today. The moment we accept Jesus Christ into our lives as Savior and Lord, we in essence become "Jesus in Disguise". I have had the wonderful opportunity to be "Jesus in Disguise" when I went off to Colombia on a missions trip with a team of 19 other God-fearing, God-loving people who's heart and soul were totally wrapped in Him. As a missions team, we were given opportunities to minister to school children, to autistic patients at an autistic center in Chiquinquira, we also had an opportunity to minister to kids with special needs and visit various churches to minister to believers and any non-believers that may have been visiting during our visit. In all of those instances, we had an opportunity to be "Jesus in Disguise".

What an amazing honor and privilege to be "Jesus in Disguise"! There is no greater calling on our lives than to be able to represent Jesus in our day and age! No theological degree or special training is necessary to carry that title, even though there is nothing wrong with having those accomplishments. All we have to do is what Jesus did during His time on this planet. Just love on another one another with the goal and aim to bring value, eternal value, into the lives of those around us not only to be  blessed, but we can in return be a blessing to everyone who's in need of Jesus' touch in their lives.

Thank you very much for reading the blog posts and look forward to seeing God move in our lives in miraculous ways! I encourage you to comment and share this post with friends and family so we can advance God's agenda. Only God knows who will be immensely blessed and transformed! All of you are an extension of me and Jesus. So in essence, we are "Jesus in Disguise". God bless you all and hope you enjoyed the music video from Brandon Heath like I did!

QUESTION: Are you "Jesus in Disguise"?