Monday, October 8, 2012


Hello friends! I want to introduce you to a series of music videos that reflect God in every single aspect of His being. This particular video was done live by Martha Munizzi and Israel Houghton. The above music video talks about the glory of God. Can we possibly put into words the glory of God? I will admit it, I know I will never have enough words to even begin to describe the glory of God. Even though He shares His glory with no one, we can still bask in His glory while experiencing Him in a way that will bless you personally!

Not only have I personally experienced God's glory, but I have seen how God's glory has been manifested through the lives of other believers. During our time here on Earth, we only get to experience a small hint of God's glory. It is when we get to Heaven and reign with Him for all of eternity as we worship and praise Him while continuously basking in His presence when we will all have the opportunity to really experience His glory. What a sight to behold! If so many people are capable of showing up to a concert that commemorates God and His glory, how much more glorious would it be to experience Him through all of eternity?

God is indeed glorious! He invites you into His glory so you can walk out of His glory and share the light of God's glory to every single person that you encounter without regards to race, color, creed, or nationality. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we can find great and abundant joy in basking and expressing God to one another as we shine His glory to a lost and dying world! God bless you and feel free to comment below as God leads you to do so!

QUESTION: Have you basked in God's glory?